Young hearts, run free | live. love. learn.
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Hola! We’re Gabriel and Nathalie.

This little tale is about one girl, one boy and two big rucksacks. It starts off as just a typical  love story but becomes a tale of how two young hearts, finally ran free!

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We are currently soaking in the sunshine and salty waves in beautiful Portugal.

Follow our journey and check out our happy snaps! We have a tonne of photos of incredible places and would love to share them with you!

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Welcome to our little box of treasures! Here you’ll find tips on how to get into long-term gypsying, happy camping, living green and much more.

We especially love to share how to live and BE free through exchange. It really is simple!

We have spent more than five years exploring this incredible world, and at every new corner have been humbled by its magnificence. We pinch ourselves everyday to check that this is all real!

So, we wanted to share: all of the experiences, all of the sights and all of the lessons we’ve learnt along the way. We have so much gratitude for this journey, so we wanted to pay it forward.

Here you’ll find our travel photo-journal from the deserts (and desserts) of the Middle East, to the turquoise waters of the Caribbean. As well as our musings and life lessons we’ve discover from wholesome, simple living on the road (now in our beloved camper and tiny house, Daisy).

Whether you are our loving friends and family, fellow globetrotters and nomads, or just here for the ride, we hope we can send some inspiration your way and we are so excited for your to join us on our adventure across the globe!

We strive to live simply, think globally, experience locally and to never, ever, stop wandering.


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How ever it is that you choose to travel – whether its solo, with friends, family or as a couple, each path has its own dynamics and excitement that comes with it. Making the choice to travel with somebody is such a personal and deepening...

Españaaaaah! This is more of a work in progress than a reflection of a time gone by. We write this as we housesit a stunning permaculture alpaca, olive and almond farm between the border of Catalunya and Aragon. We are currently gazing at the pink-hued...

Sri Lanka was all that I dreamed of, and some. I felt so welcomed and safe throughout my entire trip. More excitedly, there were so many untouched, secluded beaches where I could watch wild sea turtles splash in the waves. I ended up coming into...

Since we met we both really knew that there was a way much better than how we had previously been living. Working fulltime 9-5 jobs in the city, spending another couple of hours commuting each day and feeling like zombies by the time we got...

One part of travel, and the reason which it is such a fulfilling and wholesome endeavour for many, is the incredible lessons which we open ourselves to learning - through the wonderful, to the powerful, to the unconventional; to the just plain uncomfortable. It is...

Over the past few years, a big part of our travels has been volunteering – it gives us the opportunity to learn, to grow, to give back and to take it all in too. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Indigenous Mayan children in...

If there is a place to start in Australia – it would have to be Tasmania! This tiny island packs a real punch – it is like a fun size version of Australia, only with more fun. You can find real untouched forests (about one-third of...

If you are looking for a real-life, live-in zoo, one of the few places in the world where you’ll get the real experience is in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. The National Park stretches its boundaries between three beautiful African nations – South Africa, Zimbabwe...

Croatia – coastline of heaven and land of kings. Tourism in Croatia has really kicked up a notch over the last few years and there are no surprises why. This Balkan gem’s perfect mix of Mediterranean climate, jaw-droppingly beautiful 526km cliff coastline and foodie-heaven status, has...